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False Dawn

Posted: March 13, 2017 in nature poems, urban poems

At dverse tonight Kim is hosting and we are producing a 44-word Quadrille which includes the word ‘spring’.

In our street, car windscreens
are craze-cracked. White lace
netting glitters in a steel spring morning.
I fear for yesterday’s buds.

You could hear them then
breaking free on the fine ends
of tree branches.
They’ll be cracking to a different
tune this morning.

Forest Bathing

Posted: March 6, 2017 in nature poems, thought stream

At dverse tonight Toni hosts haibun Monday – a prose poem and haiku-style ending on the subject of shinrin-yoku .. otherwise known as forest bathing.

Cortisol hormones zing when plucked. An atmosphere stretches
the nerves, cranks up stress until it’s screeching. Fused into your
brain so that your eyes are pinpricked electrics. A prescription
of forest trails, pine needle tranquilisers, wood oils drip feeding
calm disarm words bent on harm.

In spring the owl hoots,
its echo searching for listeners.
Leaf voices die in autumn.

Autumn Pine Forest

Hard-Wired Nerves

Posted: February 27, 2017 in nature poems

Today it’s Quadrille time again at dverse. Hosted by De we have to write a 44-word poem that includes the word giggle.

Panic struck, a pigeon
shotguns out of trees
leaving a giggle of feathers
spiralling in air.

Following its trajectory
an echoing bang
chases across fields.
Fades through woods.

The bird touches down again,
eyes wild,
heart drumming
in the engine room of its fear.

Weather Bomb

Posted: February 23, 2017 in nature poems

Tonight at  is free write .. no prompt. So here’s one about Storm Doris that visited our shores today. ‘Weather Bomb’ seems to be a phrase conjured up by the weather office to make it sound more exciting! 

It goes off before dawn
exploding through woods.
Trees are in a frenzy,
some ripped up in the blast
leaving craters of shattered roots.
Hills heave and pitch
as if rocks were trying
to break free and scatter-shot
through the landscape.
And the river.
It is full of fear,
tearing at itself.
Tries to turn back,
is shredded in the shockwave.
Turns again and races
for its only escape route.


This is the weather map of the approaching
storm which hit the UK today

The Name of the Wind

Posted: February 13, 2017 in nature poems

Tonight at    Kim is in charge of the Quadrille ~ we are tasked with writing a 44 word poem that includes the word ‘ghost’. A word that shouts ‘cliche’ so avoiding that trap is the REAL challenge! So here’s something a little experimental.

is – Seen in Trees
is – Endless Traveller
is – From Any Direction
is – Unspoken
is – Vehicle for Clouds
is – Bringer of Rain
is – Shape-shifter
is – Disturber of Seas
is – Ghost of Sighs
is – Rustler of Leaves
is – Mover of Shadows
is – Knife for the Cold 



Last Orders

Posted: February 7, 2017 in nature poems

Tonight at De has at work in the bar ~ we have a list of drinking related words and have to work them into a poem that has nothing to do with drinking!

Swallows like shots line up
on a wire. Stirred by an air

in which warmth is failing.
Autumn is biting into

the year and this
is the last call.

A trio lift off, three sheets
to the wind. Gathered up

they pour down the throat
of a retreating summer.