Never-ending journey

Posted: November 24, 2021 in thought stream

At dverse Sarah has us revisiting the wonderful work of artist Fay Collins who sadly passed away recently. We are writing ekphrastic poetry inspired by one of her paintings. This was my choice.

There is that moment when solid ground is

no longer.

And you are free to
drift and roll with tides,
undercurrents, ride
waves violent or gentle.

This shape shifting world
at the end of the road is


A place where your mind can

as you are buoyed in
unending free fall.

Leaf bones

Posted: February 10, 2021 in nature poems

Broken bones of leaves
which whittered and bowled
along roads in autumnal gusts
now lie pressed on paths.
Fossils of last year’s seasons

Song of the Night

Posted: January 14, 2019 in thought stream

At dverse De Jackson has us focussing on the word ‘change’ which, of course, can take on many aspects. We have to use the word in a Quadrille – a poem of exactly 44 words.

It’s sunset,
but the moon has been up
this last hour.
Its aggressive phase,
waiting for the day
to clear its decks.
And I’m aware
of your impatience
for this change.
So you can sing again to the stars,
filling night with your brokenness.

Father Away

Posted: November 14, 2018 in thought stream

At dverse Sarah has us focussing on touch, the feel of things. Of course sometimes the tangible is sadly no longer available.

He is out
out touch.
So at night
when the river is a clear voice,
I imagine him as he used to sit.
Leaning forward,
elbows on knees.
As if listening
for something speaking
softly to him.

There would be a cigarette in his left hand,
ignored in these moments for most of the time.
Now he is fully locked in to that distant world of his.
My hands
and questions can’t reach him.

Igniting Dark Places

Posted: November 8, 2018 in thought stream

At dverse tonight Bjorn has us looking at the use of metaphors in poetry.

She sings in the night
and moths fly from her throat,
fragments of moon
pin-pricking dark.

Stars pulse to her song
but they are no match
for the bioluminescence
she casts out into the universe.

And at dawn she watches
that flake-of-night crow
chase night
over the horizon.

And in daylight her eyes
reflect the bone-white moon,
her fire extinguished.

Dream Foundry

Posted: May 21, 2018 in nature poems, thought stream

At dverse Kim is hosting and has challenged us to write a Quadrille ~ a 44-word poem to include the word ‘rain’

With lilac, rosemary
and birch wood
we set a fire going.
Flames tear at night
reaching for the moon
and sparks rain as if
wanting to become stars,
adding to fire.
That eternal engine,
that foundry
where dreams are
and reborn.