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Sheep Spine

Posted: July 4, 2015 in nature poems

This is for the Flash 55 Challenge @ – a poem of exactly 55 words ..

Life and death,
bleached on to this peaty moonscape.
Here it is elemental.
Moor and sun,
a harsh unforgiving beauty.
Knuckle on knuckle.
Each notch etched clear
in its whiteness.
No wool.
No flesh.
No muscle.
Picked clean.
Simplicity of structure in
the chaos of wilderness.
This is where it all ends.
Bone and earth.

Trick of the Light

Posted: July 1, 2015 in default

To link up with The Platform at this is a poem from my debut collection, Fault Line, just published by Lapwing

You are looking at a lie I wanted to say. Puncturing this dark are
numberless stars that died oh how many million years ago and
yet here they are, diamonds in the river, lights in lovers eyes,
levers freeing a thousand poets’ lines.

Those bold bright dot-to-dot trillion megawatt pinprick beams
of Pleiades, The Plough and Sagittarius always steal the show,
but come with me. To some place so remote where no unnatural
light clouds the night. Maybe the Atacama, no neons there.

Then once your eyes adjust to the true reality of dark, a zillion
stars, a thousand constellations, nebulas, the Milky Way will
dazzle you into silence. So much light travelling from places that
had gone before we were.