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Moving On

Posted: October 23, 2017 in thought stream, urban poems

At dverse it is Quadrille night. Grace is in charge and has us writing a 44 word poem to include the word ‘creak’

7.30am he puts on his headphones,
shuts out the day, strides
down the platform and gets
on the train. He can’t hear
the creak of his seat as it
swings down the line. Just the beat
in his mind of the life left behind.

All At Sea

Posted: October 17, 2017 in nature poems, thought stream

At dverse tonight Kim is in charge of Tuesday Poetics and wants us to focus on a particular aspect of autumn. This was inspired by seeing lines of leaves drifting down river yesterday.

Strings of leaves stretch out
down river.

                A fleet of fire boats,

driven by the current.

Under full sail

                bouncing along, riding the ripples.

 Reds and ambers.

So light they barely touch water.

Bristling downstream,
an autumn invasion.

A growing flotilla. Countless boats

                launched from trees.

Joining our visions poured into the river,

The moors we saw

                heather, stonechat, dry stone walls
small bent trees, a palette of lichens.

The sunsets we saw

                breathing fire over the ridge

woods that ghosted out of the mists, a single swan,
moonlight, shadows, stars jewelling the weir.

This is the cycle, this is the ride
taking everything down to the river mouth.

At the turn of the tide,
the turn of the season

it’s all gathered up and carried away.