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Posted: August 18, 2015 in default

at we are writing about school days. As my old reports testify, they were not the best days of my life!

Behind the door
‘This will not do’
are not memorable years
‘Could do better’
Frustration pulsating on both
sides of the desk.
‘Disappointing set of results’
No strands threading through
to the me
in the now.
Nothing formed
on a classroom potter’s wheel.
‘Quickly loses interest’
All those opinions are locked away
in an attic. Dust gatherers.
Under examination it is clear
we all missed the mark.

To an Unknown Artist

Posted: August 11, 2015 in default

at today we are dipping into history and the world of nameless artists

Light is yours to command.
You will use this energy,
a magician
casting burning into shadows
where it scatters black into fearful places
leaving it to tread lightly across
mercurial paths. Opening furnace doors
you allow molten photons to pour
across canvas
shaping and reshaping into colours
that cling to your eyes.

With brush and sight
you weave patterns
pulled from nebulae
that have been created
by a sorcery above thinking

and mind
and flames
and vision
and die.

You sit spent in dark, head on chest
your name locked in the brush
that hangs limp in your hand.