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Moel Siabod

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Fault Line art, nature poems

This year sees a very exciting venture – a touring art exhibition based on my collection Fault Line and involving several artists ~ more details soon
This is the best seat in the amphitheatre.
It is not a place of sound. There are no streets
at your feet, life pulsing through them, a hive
whose permanently lit towers fracture a sky
where darkness never comes. This is not a city
hemmed in by noise of traffic, people, chatter,
the rattle-nest of a man-made empire
that denies the stars their right to burn their
own holes in the night. It is not a place
where the only streams are the ruby and diamond
glows of cars that never cease; a continual living
jewelled necklace threading through the whole.
This is a throne room – and only from here
can you see all three Welsh lords;
the Carneddau, the Glyders and Snowdon Horseshoe.
This is a place of granite and moss scents.
Of silence and air.
So much air.

moel siabod
Moel Siabod by artist Jo Mortimer