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It’s too hot

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Poetry, urban poems

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It’s too hot,
even the flies
can’t be arsed
to bother me today.
They just sit listlessly
on the leg of the fan.
And that’s working hard
to keep me cool. But
it’s not working much.
So I drink cold water.
I drink a Cisk.
I drink tea. I sit and read
some poetry.
I’m not quite sweating.
Even the sweat can’t
be bothered to work
So my back against
the chair is just clammy.
The Kechem taxi driver,
one arm hanging out
the window, told me
that tomorrow will
be even hotter. Probably
up to 40. They must be
nuts to live here, even
madder than me for
coming here on holiday.
But I like the sun and
I like the sea and the
Maltese are always
very friendly. It’s
just too hot for
road rage,
cold calling people to
sell double glazing.
Back home the climate is
ideal for that sort of stuff.