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Storm rider

Posted: November 20, 2013 in default

At we are prompted to write about lightning ~ let’s go surfing in the sky!

Here they come.
Just beginning to seep in at the edges.
Spoilers of a cerulean canvas that has lain bare
for weeks.
Clouds staining autumn’s sky,
ink flooding in from one corner.
Not flaky snowy puff balls,
but vanguards of a blue-grey
seething mass.
Unruly. Cresting the ridge.
It’s time to go. At last.
Being grounded for so long has made me edgy.
Strapped in,
a twisting flick of the ankles and I’m up.
Catching those leading smoky tendrils
creeping into the valley.

Now I flow above the river,
matching its twists and turns
Then cutting back into the storm heart
I pick out a thunderhead.
Ride this boiling wildling.
It roars at the retreating sun.
That’s the signal.
A symphony of anger unleashed.
Booming and pounding roils through the sky.
The perfect moment is coming.
Static crackles around me.
Flickering. Power surging.
And there it is. In a flash
I ride a bright sabre as it jags clear
to connect storm and earth.