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at we are writing about school days. As my old reports testify, they were not the best days of my life!

Behind the door
‘This will not do’
are not memorable years
‘Could do better’
Frustration pulsating on both
sides of the desk.
‘Disappointing set of results’
No strands threading through
to the me
in the now.
Nothing formed
on a classroom potter’s wheel.
‘Quickly loses interest’
All those opinions are locked away
in an attic. Dust gatherers.
Under examination it is clear
we all missed the mark.

  1. I think many of those comments should stay in the attic.. but I think for most of us we find our way through life in the end.. but it would be hard to handle those comments I think…

  2. Gabriella says:

    I agree the attic is the place where such comments should end up even though I am sure I can plead guilty. I always found there were a child or two I could not fathom and for whom it was hard to write a nice appreciation. I tried not to be too negative but sometimes this was a challenge.

  3. I suppose most of us got those kinds of comments now and again. Not the most constructive kind of criticism. Something like that set me back a year writing my first novel.

  4. claudia says:

    we only had written comments during the first two years in primary school – later just marks – they have their own language as well though – ha

  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I have always pushed hard for good grades; always on the honor roll during HS, graduated first in my class at four years in college, scored 3.95 GPA after 8 more years–& on the 50+ years since, my transcripts were never called for or looked at by anybody for anything–so what the hell; the proof is in the senior pudding, as they say.

  6. My son used to get comments like that, and now he’s in art school and excelling. Unfortunately, schools aren’t designed for the creative ones of this world, but where would we be without them? Peace, Linda

  7. Actually I think your teachers may have missed the mark………they didnt hold the key to unlock the spark.

  8. kanzensakura says:

    I think most of those comments belong in the trash, actually. This took me back to the torture of public elementary and middle school and those teachers who were the ones I would have failed. I never received any good marks until 10th grade and taken out of public school – when I bloomed. but, and I do hve to grin, I still don’t play well with others.

  9. lynn__ says:

    Paul, this saddens me how schools sometimes fail their students…there’s too much disconnect between education and real learning. Yes, we all miss the mark!

  10. Abhra says:

    “All those opinions are locked away
    in an attic. Dust gatherers.”

    I love this.

  11. Oh.. new rules school.. crystalized intelligence.. rote memory
    of multiple choice facts.. figures.. but tHere is
    fluid intelligence moving.. connecting.. creating
    ART of human being IN ALL of Love
    that comes in Light
    and Truth of
    Human Being
    of school
    is sewAge
    to ART
    ON WitH
    I as actor
    of i and

  12. ayala says:

    A perfect ending….those comments only discourage and destroy.

  13. Unfortunately some have trouble keeping those comments in the attic. Words hurt.
    I find it sad that so many poems for this prompt reveal the discouragement we all felt from our school days. Praise and encouragement can make such a difference in a child’s life.

  14. Raivenne says:

    When we were after my mother passed away my sons found a bunch of my old report cards many of which had such sentiments. My youngest expressed how when I used to tell him I understood how he felt about some of his classes, but he had to do the work anyway, he didn’t believe that I really understood until he saw them, my report cards. A mini me, he struggled in the same places and ways I did. It may not have helped me at the time, but the criticisms brought an understanding so many years down the line. Sometimes, they do hit their mark, just not always the one you think they’re aimed towards. But yes, once their purpose is served, to the basement/attic they belong.

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