Giving up living in the dark

Posted: July 17, 2017 in nature poems, urban poems

At dverse tonight it’s time to celebrate our 6th anniversary ~ and we’re doing it with a Quadrille this time set by Grace and to include the word ‘flicker’ Here’s something that happened in town earlier this evening.

It’s a plague, of sorts.
The evening semi-thick with ants.

After months underground
they’re stupid with light and flight.

Lace-winged walking along footpaths
or bumbling through the air.

Black spots pock marking late
sun streams. Swifts flicker high

readying themselves
for an evening banquet.

  1. A bit of truth, a bit of humor, a good write!

  2. Aurora says:

    “It’s a plague, of sorts”
    “they’re stupid with light and flight”

    Ha. I like the way you captured this conundrum of sudden exposure.

  3. Grace says:

    I admire how you describe an approaching evening banquet. I would stay clear of that feast, smiles.

  4. frankhubeny says:

    I liked the idea of the banquet that the insects are preparing for the swifts.

  5. Thank heaven for the swifts! I really like that descriptive phrase “lace-winged walking.” May the birds enjoy their banquet.

  6. Waltermarks says:

    Very interesting, it reminds me that i saw them before the took to the air this year. I opened the shed door and there they all were, (well most). Still drying off their wings getting ready for the big times

  7. This is exactly right.

  8. maria says:

    Ooh.. great descriptives!

  9. Such powerful descriptions in this..! Impressed 🙂

  10. Sumana Roy says:

    A delicious time for the birds!

  11. I enjoyed the contrasts in this poem, the ants a plague and a banquet, lace-winged and yet bumbling. Nice imagery!

  12. Charley says:

    Score! This is a wonderful poem.

  13. love the title with the ants flickering into life

  14. Well described sortie into the crazed light of supper time…sadly not theirs though 😉

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