Holding On Is Not An Option

Posted: June 5, 2017 in nature poems, thought stream

At dverse tonight it’s Quadrille time: a 44 word poem to include the word ‘storm’. This is actually something I saw while driving home from Exeter this afternoon.

He is working hard,
wing tip feathers flickering
like a silent movie,
tail constantly twisting and flaring.

He fights to hang his body
while behind a storm builds,
wind racing ahead of it .

Finally the buzzard surrenders,
is gathered up, hurled at the hills.

  1. You captured the struggle with the elements perfectly.

  2. jillys2016 says:

    ‘Hurled’ – such a well-chosen word here! The imagery is marvelous 🙂

  3. frankhubeny says:

    So the buzzard didn’t quite weather that storm.

  4. Didn’t realise you were in Devon! I love this, proper nature poetry, perfect description of a buzzard battling the elements. It was windy today.

  5. Hurled at the hills is quite an image. It reads as though this is a true story- something you saw.

  6. Feathers flickering like a silent movie! Just wonderful imagery!!

  7. kim881 says:

    I love the simile:
    ‘wing tip feathers flickering
    like a silent movie’.
    What a buzzard of a struggle, Paul!

  8. Ω says:

    I love the last two lines.

  9. This is so descriptive that I can see the buzzard battling.

  10. The birds usually take to their trees and become very quiet before a storm. Apparently the buzzard was not so smart. Your words are beautifully descriptive. Sometimes a storm ruffles my feathers before I get to my tree too!

  11. Grace says:

    Can’t fight that storm but hopefully able to survive it ~ Love the energy & perspective ~

  12. sanaarizvi says:

    My goodness this is powerful!

  13. Isn’t it wonderful when the experience of your day hurls a poem your way. Very graphic!

  14. Waltermarks says:

    It sounded like such a gallant bird, then you said buzzard. the lines led me to believe some beautiful dove was in trouble, then buzzard. Oh well, true enough. I’m sure it was hard to behold and much worse to endure

  15. thotpurge says:

    Can picture that ..splendidly captured scene.

  16. Sumana Roy says:

    struggle, strength and surrender so wonderfully visual.

  17. lillian says:

    Like a silent movie …. until the reel snaps! Imagery here is excellent — poor old buzzard.

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