A Ride In The Dark

Posted: March 14, 2017 in thought stream, urban poems

Lilian hosts poetics at dverse tonight and wants us to write about amusement parks.

From up here I look for an escape route,
but a way out is lost from view.
Everyone is queuing for the big
thrills, refugees from the humdrum
seeking a new voltage for their nerves.
To stretch them tighter until they tear
and escape screaming through
the open mouths
that have become their bodies.

This was a mistake. Through darkness
my ride twists and dives. In this vacuum
it is pointless knowing which way is up as
seamless fear stitches mind to body.
A hessian sack of nothingness
flung into a black hole,
tracing an arc through pin-prick stars.

Only a violent

slowing down,


breathing again,

brings me back to earth.
Pale-faced, unsteady
I lose myself in the crowd.
Move against an electric current
to find that safe static place.

  1. lillian says:

    oh yes…..the getting on….the riding….and then the getting off with quivery legs seeking a sense of solid on the ground stability. Glad you posted!

  2. therisa says:

    Can I say, I rode that ride, and sit out, as the line moves forward? My thrill-seeking soul finds other means of amusement, with my feet, solidly, on the ground.

  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Coaster rides are hard enough, or worse, perhaps than the one you aptly describe. Disneyland had a Space (Mountain?) ride, 75% of it done in the dark; totally freaked me out. Word for word of yours rings too true. I never rode another–that was 45 years ago.

  4. kanzensakura says:

    I haven ridden rides in years preferring the more mundane practice of walking about and viewing all the exhibits at the local county fair. But this did take me back to that horrible Space Mountain of yesterday.

  5. I can never understand how I grew to love it.. the first rides where just awful.. but after a while I got addicted

  6. frankhubeny says:

    I suspect “seeking a new voltage” for one’s nerves and deeper breathing are opposites. If one relaxes while one is in the park watching one’s children get on and off rides one can enjoy the experience. There are a lot of “fairs” that don’t have rides. They are mainly aimed at people who like music, art, street entertainers or unusual food.

  7. Yikes…did you go again?

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