Photographic Memory

Posted: January 9, 2017 in thought stream

at we are looking at composing Haibun prose based on childhood experiences. Mine is based on the fact that I can remember very, very little of my childhood as referenced in an earlier poem on this blog, Memory Bank, so this is tailored accordingly.

Captured in black, white. Mother. Me. Our Singapore lounge. We’re preserving a past
for the future. Where childhood will be trapped in a dysfunctional memory bank.
Where shot-blasted neurons will misfire, launch into       space   searching for…..

These photo albums display what’s been swallowed by a black hole. Just
radiation smatters around its edges. Traces of all that is lost. My brain
scrolls through the drop down files. And here we are.

In black and white.
Mother. Me. Sticking
my memories into a folder.



Mother and me, 1955

  1. Oh the photographic evidence… i did the same, and I always wonder if I do remember what happened or if it’s just a fantasy from images.

  2. ladynyo says:

    Incredibly intriguing, I must read the back story for this. Shot blasted neurons says it all…I always wondered about those photo albums. We collect pix and this stands as our past. Perhaps the Cliff Notes of our reading of our past.

  3. Grace says:

    That’s a good picture though, preserved. There are many childhood memories that I can’t recall too ~ Thanks for joining us and congrats on the published book !

    Also, if you don’t know yet, we are doing an Anthology for 2017. Join our prompts and/or submit poems for OLN (like this Thursday) as we consider poems. Happy new year!

  4. Old photographs are such a treasure. Looking at them one sees things we never saw at the time they were taken, and so what is memory and what is photograph? Nice take on the prompt.

  5. frankhubeny says:

    I suppose parents are more fond of those memories than their children are.

  6. Nice take on the prompt. 🙂

  7. What a cute picture. I still love black and white photos. Your haiku portion was a perfect ender.

  8. It does serve as part of our memory- the photographs and the stories we tell when we share them. Lovely story.

  9. Kathy Reed says:

    Those black and white pics are fascinatingly poignant….one wonders if it was a dream..the sense we perceived the moment accurately and it remains fresh when brought back to the surface.

  10. C.C. says:

    That is an amazing photograph and your title is perfectly suited for the exploration of thoughts in your haibun. Love it ❤

  11. A wonderful photograph to treasure and I love your closing haiku especially.

  12. Bryan Ens says:

    True indeed. Those photos are fragments of memory, but fragments that might otherwise be lost.

  13. Nice writing.I recall very little and even when I do am not sure if it’s real.

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