How to dig a hole

Posted: October 23, 2014 in default

Selecting a patch of ground is critical;
you certainly don’t want to be turning stones.
Do you really love me?

And don’t use a shovel, it is a loud-
mouthed tool fit only for the building site.
Of course I do.

A spade is the boy for the job. Stout wooden
shaft. Broad shoulders to take the weight of your boot.

Spear the ground, tense and push. The blade
should slice pleasingly through the earth.
Because I do.

Gently lever it back, this is all about
fulcrums you know, then lift.
What is it you love about me?

At this point you should have a heap
of soil on your spade blade. Now a decision.
Well you’re thoughtful about people.

Where to toss the spoil. Pick
your place and chuck it there.
Is that all? I’m thoughtful.

This is tricky now. Having to decide
where to make the next strike.
You always make me a cup of tea first thing.

The choice is made. Blade placed alongside
the first break in the ground.
I make you tea, that’s why you love me.

Push down, lever back, lift
and add the soil to your heap.

You have now begun to dig yourself a hole.

  1. clorimer2014 says:

    Paul this is amazing. Of all your poetry work this is probably my most favourite.

  2. claudia says:

    haha…. hey… women aren’t that complicated…really…they just wanna know that they’re loved… it actually is pretty easy… haha…thanks for the smile

  3. Ha, and he dug himself a big one, with those answers. Smiles.

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    We love them tenaciously, desperately, for they are our replacement mothers, devout lusty lovers, matriarchs, baby girls, mothers to our children, companions, confidants, & so much more–but we men, even the poets among us, become tongue-tied when endeavoring to explicate our feelings about love. For some of us the scar tissue is too deep, for others our emotions, our pride, our uncertain ids, all blockade the clarity, the honesty that is requested by our ladies, but not always welcomed (yes, you do look plumb in that dress), but communication is a two way avenue, & we must learn to listen more adequately ourselves.

  5. Loving someone is far easier than saying so… the parallel of digging a hole is so clever (and digging in our garden is about breaking stones)… so complicated, yet incredibly easy.

  6. ds says:

    Classic! I’d say that hole is about six feet down by now.

  7. kimorlisa says:

    I can’t even begin to say why I love this poem, I just do.

  8. Truedessa says:

    I like the concept of digging the hole with the conversation taking place. Sometimes it about more than tea..there is something about this poem that intrigues me. Cleverly done..

  9. Oh I knew that conversation was not going to end well from the first – loved this!

  10. Ah.. the many different languages of love.. some folks like acts of service.. others enjoy touching.. others like gifts.. and still others appreciate whatever it is that warms their soul.. i think there is five listed.. but the other two.. escape my mind.. i always thought love was something inherent and shared..

    and i do believe it still is.. a magic thing.. that truly never dies.. in a heart that’s love…. and rarely.. yes.. for all who come… to enter lives…

    but i too… dig holes.. as that love.. is not always the other five…:)

  11. vivchook says:

    Oh, excellent! Hahahaha! I’ve been having similar conversations a lot lately, & this has made me smile. I love the 2 narratives, meeting at the end. xVivienne from OneVoicePoetry

  12. Ah, relationships. There always seems to be two conversations going on at once in them, don’t you think? Some advice? There are never anything but holes…. Very interesting Poem Paul…

  13. brian miller says:

    or a grave…heh…well love is an interesting thing…as are all relationships…i hope mine dont come down to a cup of tea…and that i can forever more list why i love her…

  14. I just loved the back and forth between the banal and the sublime and then the really deep hole to cap it all off. So clever.

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