Spaghetti Canalicchio

Posted: October 6, 2014 in default

First notice the plate.
White. There isn’t any
more of that here. Not

in the sky. Not in the land.
Virginal, though only
at its edges. Inside that

round rim, colours
swirl and gently
stain the porcelain.

Pasta lies linked in each
others’ outstretched
looping arms. Challenging

you with spoon, fork
and knife to select
the right cutlery and then

use them without
embarrassment and
attracting attention.

Chef has drawn
the delicate sauce
from oranges and

honey golds of farm
buildings splashing
Umbrian ridges

which roll away from
our terrace and into
the memory banks.

From that recipe
book serve up
the image to simmer

and recapture a
moment of calm
as and when needed

  1. brian miller says:

    dang. if i had not just eaten dinner…i tell you…ha…sounds delish…and eating is so much more than just the taste, but presentation…experience…and memory…if i drop some in my lap…dont worry i will still eat it too…ha

  2. Mary says:

    Beautifully penned. I can really picture the pasta and the sauce…and wish I could taste it as well. I like the idea of recapturing a moment of calm. I do think sometime that cooking CAN do the trick!

    • Glenn Buttkus says:

      A nice creative take on the prompt; it’s like you are the spokesperson for the pasta itself, & the chef, & the consumer diner. Food porn is a terrific image world, but when you transfer it to poetry, as you have, it dazzles, & stimulates.

  3. #FoodPorn for the poet, aye? I can dig…

  4. This is wonderful to read – love how it almost reads like a riddle yet I can almost use it as a recipe to cook myself. Love the form that connect each tercet through those sentences

  5. claudia says:

    oh my goodness… that just was a delicious read…. in the best sense of the word…

  6. i tend to eat so fast.. i have to take photos of it.. to more truly appreciate what i eat.. and perhaps i too should right poetry about it.. to better appreciate it as you so lovingly do here.. i was starting to wonder is it food you are talking about.. in mostly metaphor perhaps..hmm.. and maybe not..;)

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