Posted: February 28, 2014 in urban poems

Every morning, regular as clockwork.
He marches past my sash window.
Determination in every step.
Full head of grey hair, eyes fixed four paces in front.
Every morning, whatever the weather.
Today it just sits there,
waiting for the conductor to wave her baton,
drumming up wind, sun, rain
or whatever else is written
on the meteorological score.
For now the iron black branches
just beyond St Andrews house are still.
And here he is. Marching back again.
The Guardian tucked hard under his right arm.
The same paper each day.
The same navy blue jumper.
Eyes front.
Four paces.
Regular as clockwork.
I watch him.

  1. msjinnifer says:

    I like the plodding beat, Paul. One suggestion if I may — a fresher simile than “Regular as clockwork”. Can’t keep my wretched mouth shut…

  2. Brian Miller says:

    interesting….i wonder if he is that precise in life…or even realizes it…
    so much similarity day after day….does he thrive in it or does it wear on him
    hmm…i am def wanting to know his story

  3. Actually I have found that most people are quite regular.. On my bicycle ride to work I meet the same people in the same place everyday.. Maybe someone find my habits weird..

  4. kkkkaty1 says:

    I like the ‘ iron black branches’ and there are many who have a routine each day..a usual walk,, but the same habits..I think it is just one’s idiosyncrasies

  5. And you will never know his name or anything about him…except one day he wont come any more and you will feel a sense of loss regardless. I enjoyed this poem.

  6. love he repetition of four paces . . . gives movement to it. I always find it interesting how people can have the same routine each day.

  7. I like how you start with him marching regular as clockwork and end with you watching regular as clockwork. I had a teacher in high school who would say that humans are 95% habit. I thought he was totally off the mark at the time. I know better now. Peace, Linda

  8. lucychili says:

    if you watch as regularly as he walks perhaps his rhythm is shared =)

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