Sheep spine (audio)

Posted: September 9, 2013 in nature poems

Life and death,
bleached on to this peaty moonscape.
Here it is elemental.
Moor and sun,
a harsh unforgiving beauty.
Knuckle on knuckle.
Each notch etched clear
in its whiteness.
No wool.
No flesh.
No muscle.
Picked clean.
Purity laid bare.
Simplicity of structure in
the chaos of wilderness.
This is where it all ends.
Bone and earth.

  1. This is a nice summation of thoughts that might go through a poets head when walking through the dessert and there lying in the sand is the backbone of an unfortunate sheep. The typical reaction is more likely “oh gross, don’t touch that!” “Perfection” is a unique and yet accurate descriptor. Good job.

  2. shanyns says:

    Well done! A very cool take on the prompt to be sure. Thanks for joining us.

  3. aprille says:

    indeed, clean lines. I have one of those links in the chains lying around and find it quite beautiful. Wish I could read your poem as well as listen to it. I take things in better through my eyes.

  4. aprille says:

    am I glad I asked! Now I can take it in.
    In all its simplicity-shaped beauty.
    This is exceptional.
    Off on a tangent:
    Somehow I haven’t been able to get Richard III out of my mind.
    Bone seems to have eternal life.
    After 400 years his teeth look a lot better than mine.

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