Posted: May 2, 2013 in nature poems

Tonight at we’re being asked to bring a poem about things that motivate and inspire us. Simple answer for me is nature and for this poem in particular mountains. Born in North Wales I inevitably took up rock climbing at 11 and Tryfan was the first mountain I went up. Here is the poem and a couple of photos that capture it. I have actually carried out that hairy jump by the way 🙂


A whale back ridge rises out of Ogwen valley.
Its ridge climbs up from the llyn,
leads your eyes and feet to Adam and Eve.

Back to the beginning.
Waiting is a dare.
To leap the gap
between the petrified pair.

Up there in the gods, clouds clothe your breath.
Serpent mist writhes, opening up
snap-shot views of the Glyders ring.

Here at the top,
facing the dare.
Shall I leap the gap
between Adam and Eve?

But worn out by the climb
I stop.
I sit.
I drink

and bite the apple.

tryfan jump

  1. claudia says:

    ha…what a tight close.. and wow…what a jump as well…nature is a big inspiration for me as well

  2. I share your love of nature and it definetely inspires me. Loved the tightness and the end, an apple at the right stop suffices.

  3. Tony Maude says:

    The close on ths is soooooooooo good. The only mountain I’ve climbed in N. Wales is Cader Idris; unlike Snowdon, you do have to walk all the way up 🙂

  4. Paul, I love how you blend the exquisite beauty of Wales with the stories of our mythologies. From what I’ve seen in photos of your country, it seems such a special place and I’ll have to add it to my bucket list.

  5. brian miller says:

    ha. i def like the close of the gap between adam and eve…and you biting the apple…nice allusion in that…also the climb…i love the mountains and they def call to me to climb them…

  6. heidi says:

    excellent ending. “bite the apple”

  7. I love this close…bite the apple. So well said, all of it tight and spare. Fantastic write.

  8. Rowan Taw says:

    Oh my, I couldn’t do it. I spent a decade in Snowdonia and preferred to look up, not down. Taking the train to the top of Snowdon was my limit – pathetic I know.

  9. viv blake says:

    Wonderful. I have sent this to my rock-climbing daughter!


  11. living within …almost…spitting distance of Wales…i love this word painting of the northern Welsh wildness. Hoping that my young climbing wall grandgirl may follow you!!

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