On reading a piece of poetry appreciation that is full of obscure words

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Poetry

This is from last night’s poetry workshop at Juncture 25 where we had to take someone elses idea for a poem they never got around to writing! Thanks to Jinny Fisher for this! And of course today is World Poetry Day – happy scribbling and reading.

I understand the letters.
They line up like
a familiar terraced street.
Those geometric lines,
curves and bends greet me.
We’re very old friends.

Jostling into line, they paint a picture,
talking to me in a language I can hear.
It’s smooth as my eyes
sweep steadily from left to right.
Soundlessly words floating
through my ear.

But I obviously missed the warning sign.
Didn’t see the pole, the red triangle,
those familiar letters joining together:
speed bumps ahead.

I hit eldritch hard,
was still braking when
crustose bruised my mind
and before stopping, koan
had unshipped my chain.

Now all that eloquence is lying
like shattered stones.
Letters wander off,
a geometric divagation
dissolving into a muttering cloud.

  1. A very pleasing and rhythmic ride 🙂

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