Roll up, roll up

Posted: May 27, 2012 in urban poems

This weekend at dversepoets we’re enjoying the fun of the fair … but it is a transient world which I’ve tried to capture here

Shouts and squeals from girls in heels
with candy floss hair and darting eyes,
measuring up fairground boys
cockily swaggering over a swooping ride,
stealing kisses and pocketing cash.

Shouts and squeals from up on high
as a roller coaster reaches the point
of no return. Hanging there
for a precarious second, then hurtling down
leaving breaths and screams drifting over the scene.

Shouts and squeals writhe through the dark
as a train clatters on, its passengers
huddling afraid and yet
willing the ghosts to screech in their face
letting surges of fear inject them with life.

Crashes and bangs as the fair comes down
and nomads of fun prepare to move on,
planning the invasion of another town
that is never their own.

  1. claudia says: the candy floss hair and darting eyes…really like your capture of a transient world..the hanging in the air, points of no return and afraid and yet
    willing the ghosts to screech in their face… yep…feels like the world we live in..always a joy seeing you in the pub sir

  2. brian miller says:

    you captured a bit of its magic in this…love all the sights and sounds you were able to get in there…and then to see them leave…always a sad time for me…of course the whole thing wraps into a wonderful metaphor as well…smiles….

  3. ManicDdaily says:

    You captured the rush and bustle, the swoop and then the true descent. And the end, of course, is wonderful, if sad. k.

  4. Your descriptions portray the atmosphere so well and the rythmn adds to the whole effect.

  5. You’ve captured the scene perfectly, that first stanza is so true… Very nice!

  6. hobgoblin2011 says:

    Really like the rhythm and rhyme here. Great use of repetition and conjunction. Very cool imagery. Thanks

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