Simplicity of birds

Posted: April 20, 2012 in nature poems

This is in response to:
and this is the prompt photo

There you are. In a scrubland,
below scumbling clouds.
Dried grasses flexing, bone trees
scribbling against sky. Simplicity,

but it’s fractured. Life complexities,
demands calling out, songs pulling at
you – oh so many directions. You
stand facing a mess of confusion.

Above, in a wing beat, you missed
the birds following instinct.
An ancient pressure coursing
through hollowed bones. In

their fragility, arrowing on following
a single sign. Taking flight, the mysterious
migration. Choosing a path laid down
on natural history’s airways.

But you face a zigzag.
Tracking back and forward,
balance and counter-balance.
All those simplicites

going different ways.

  1. Very nicely done; an ecellent application of the prompt. I liked how you workedthe birds into it. I noticed them, but left them out of my story.

  2. Love your interpretation…you managed to get all the elements of the image into your work. But you face a zigzag.Tracking back and forward,balance and counter-balance.All those simplicites….I so know that truth…

  3. David King says:

    This is a brilliant response, both in conception and execution. Love every line of it.

  4. Lovely work, really like what you did with this one.

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