Gambler’s moment in history

Posted: April 19, 2012 in urban poems

A screwed up ball of paper speaks
of failed choices and now he holds
a second sheet, glasses perched on
eyebrows, peering through a

magnifying glass. Studied concentration,
coffee chilling at his right hand, chatter
bouncing round him. A sharp
nod of the head, specs hit the bridge

of his nose, but still he peers through
myopic lense, head swaying gently
between paper slip and the Daily Mirror’s
racing page. Then a tidal wave of decision;

list of selections tucked into tan
leather wallet. Quickly he strides out
of coffee shop, in his wake half drunk
drink and the Mirror. Already

today’s news
has become history.

  1. josieadams says:

    Having just visited Exeter racecourse this really rings a bell 🙂 Wonderful words.

  2. Ha reminds me of me old man who lived a bet or the gi gi’s

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