Last will and testament

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Poetry

This is my offering for dVerse Poets Pub challenge this week: Tripping the Universe – asking us to think about what “problems of life” it might be that science doesn’t answer and that poetry might, if at all. Love how scientists turn to myth to name an asteroid! Hope you enjoy …

An asteroid is going to crash into
the earth they say,
though this calamitous event is
over 30 years away.

And while nations hope this hurtling
rock will miss,
the scientists have decided on a
name: Apophis,

an ancient spirit of evil and
destruction from
Egyptian myth, arriving here
like a bomb.

It will plunge our world into
eternal darkness,
a 1600 megaton explosion
creating barrenness.

So with this news in mind,
here’s what I leave behind.

To Neptune my entire John
Buchan collection with the exception

of Sir Quixote of the Moors (1st ed, 1895,
value £800) which I bequeath to Mercury.

To Saturn my much-loved Bob
Dylan CDs, including Bootlegs

(vols 1-3), with that great track Talkin’
Bear Mountain Picinc Massacre Blues.

Venus is the obvious place to leave
my Dylan Thomas books, I’m sure it’s

where this poet’s spirit sits and is
completing Adventures in the Skin Trade.

To Mars, of course, the cherished chess
set of Roman warriors, bronze

and white heavy metal figures fighting
across a leather landscape.

The Terry Pratchett books should be left
to Discworld, but I can’t seem

to track it down on any map of
the universe. Funny that.

As for my ashes on that day in 2036, please
scatter them in space – and beyond.

  1. Simply brilliant, a last testament from the obliteration of Earth, with the cosmic winds carrying the scattered remains to the other planets. Breathtaking, imaginative, writing at its finest.

  2. claudia says:

    haha..this is so very cool…and Venus for sure is the obvious place to leave
    the Dylan Thomas books…smiles..much enjoyed this…thanks for the smile..and the ash scattered in space sounds not bad at suggest to do this with mine as well one day..smiles

  3. brian miller says:

    haha i dont think you will have to worry about the scattering…smiles…this was def a fun piece and i am sure they will appreciate your gifts when the days come…smiles.

  4. aprille says:

    Wish it were 30 LIGHTYEARS instead.
    Not going gently…but lightly into that good night then 😉
    Ditch the lot.

  5. Chazinator says:

    Great hilaritu here! It seems that one thing science can’t answer is humor. I really enjoyed this, and I now know I need to begin to hope I die before Apophis arrives!

  6. Richard Spiers says:

    found your poem, now i just have to read it! Richard

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